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Crane Scale
TWT Series

Model Capacity Readability
TWT 300 300 Kg 100 gm
TWT 600 600 Kg 200 gm
TWT 2T 2 Ton 500 gm
TWT 5T 5 Ton 2 Kg
TWT 30T 30 Ton 10 Kg
TWT 50T 50 Ton 20 Kg


High special safety construction Load cell design to protect damage overload. Load Cell connects to upper ring & Bottom Hook, with Non-screw safety design to prevent loosen or breakage. Easy operated wireless remote control. (distance 15m approx.)

Standard Features

Rugged Heavy duty design, cast Aluminum alloy housing. Remote control – ON/OFF, Change, Zero, Hold. Heat shield – 100oC to 1600oC at distance of approx. 2.5 mtr.


ON/OFF, Change, Zero Set
Display : 5 digit, 1.2″ RED LED
Zero Range : 4% FS.
Max Safety Load : 250% FS.
Unlimited Load : 500% FS.