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Txp - 100 / 110 / 120 Ser ies Balance Printer

Txp – 100 / 110 / 120 Series Balance Printer

Support various types of scales / balances

The txp-100/110/120 series balance printer, which has a stramlined appeararance and an
outstanding cost-e􀀀ective, completely meets the quality requirements of the chemical
and pharmaceutical industry and glp, gmp standard certi􀀀cation. from the most basic
printer needs, to the wealth of applications, the txp – 100 /110 /120 series balance printer
provides users with a 􀀀exible choice.


  • High-speed dot printing, printed pages are
  • suitable for long-term preservation.
  • iso/glp-compliant data printout.
  • 128×64 oled display.
  • Built in real-time clock.
  • Support weighting. statistical sum. mean and
    formulation function.
  • Editable title an tail
  • Sample name and batch number can be inputted and printed.
  • Data export: all data from balance can be exported to U-disk in excel or text
  • Priodic printing
  • Barcode scanner support 

Printing Examples

Features TXP -100 TXP -110 TXP -120
120 x 64 oled - Yes Yes
date and time[built-in-clock] Yes Yes Yes
direct mode Yes Yes Yes
weighing mode Yes Yes Yes
statistical mode - Yes Yes
sum mode - Yes Yes
mean mode - Yes Yes
formulation mode - Yes Yes
sample name input - Yes Yes
sample batch number input - Yes Yes
batch number auto-increase - - Yes
data export [use u-disk] - - Yes
data curve print - - Yes
periodic printing - - Yes
barcode scanner support - - Yes


Feature Detail
Printing Method Impact Dot
Inking Ink Ribbon [epson Erc-22 Or Erc -09]
Printing Format 24 Digits / Line [5x7 Dot Matrix]
Character Size 1.7mm [w]x 2.6mm[h] Asii
Paper Regular Paper 57.5mm Width, 50mm In Diameter
Printer Mechanism Durability 1.5 Million Lines
Operation Temperature Range 0-50°C
Input Voltage DC 12V [1.5A]
Interface RS-232C
Gross Weight[with Packaging] 1500 Approx.

Txp- 100/110/120 Simulator

Txp-100/110/120 simulator can be installed on pc with running window operating system [win 95 and above],used to evaluate our products. it can completely simulate all operationsand functions of the txp printer, you can visit website to download it any try to run it. we belive you’ll be impressed by our productonce ypu operate it.