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TG -N SERIES(Neo cell)

Calibration : Internal / External

Super Monoblock Sensor

This monolithic sensor technology’s features are fast weighing response, high durability, continually coherence, compatible of sensitivity and stability.

Set Dual Intelligent Internal CAL

In condition that nothing on the pan, the balance will calibrate itself automatically when temperature or interval time reaches user-set value.


HD color touchscreen (Only TY T Series) Capacity progress bar in real time Real-time temperature compensation Seven level anti-vibration adjustable Weighing stableness time adjustable More than 20unit shield: g, mg, ct… Two customized units Default weighing mode automatically Date, time and temperature setting With under hook, RS232 and USB. Anti-static draft shield with mental backboard Optional with wireless communication function Overload protection

Application Mode

With dynamic weighing function Selectable weighing and count mode High-low weighing function Gross/Net/Tare weight weighing Peak holding function Accumulate function With density determination Percentage Weighing Pricing function

Weighing functions are selectable on PC. Measurements can be impute into EXCEL, WORD and other files on PC.

Model TG 223 P TG 323 P TG 623 P TG 1223 P TG 223 T TG 323 T TG 623 T TG 1223 T TG 323 N
Capacity 220g 320g 320g 1220g 220g 320g 620g 1220g 320g
Minimum Load 100mg
Readability 1mg
Repeatability (+/-) +/- 0.001g
Linearity (+/-) +/- 0.002g
Tare Range Max
USP Min. Weight 1g
Pan Size 90 mm/ 128mm/ 133mm
Stabilization Time 3 - 8 secs
Calibration Internal/ External
Operating Temp. +18 / +300 C
Power Supply 100-240 V AC50/60Hz=12V DC500mA
OIML class OIML class
Display VATN LCD Backlight
Weighing Chamber Dimension 185 x 180 x 230
Weighing Packing Dimension 400 x 300 x 420
Gross Wt. 6.9 kg